My Instructional Design

How Did I Get Here?

I have been an educator in the school system for the past five years. My strengths lie in writing, teaching, and content development. I thoroughly enjoy the creative process, whether that means writing a poem, singing a song, designing curriculum, or iterating on e-learning experiences. I went into education because I wanted to have a positive impact on the next generation, and make learning engaging and meaningful.

After the pandemic hit, I began to explore the world of digital learning and the vast potential it has. I truly enjoyed learning a whole new way to teach children, as I explored various edtech platforms and all they had to offer. My job allowed me the freedom to teach what I wanted to, so I was able to design my own lesson plans, and implement the activities that I found useful.

Once my passion for e-learning grew, I began to research different opportunities to expand my interests and skills. I came upon an instructional design course taught by a former teacher whose goal was to show educators that they already have all the skills necessary to design instruction. In that course, I learned what the ADDIE model was, and practiced implementing it, as I went through each stage of the design process. I created four projects, utilizing tools such as Articulate Storyline, Rise, Camtasia, and Canva. I watched videos daily on how to upskill, practice adult learning theories, become familiar with Learning Management Systems, and so much more.

With each passing day, I became more and more confident that this was the path meant for me. My favorite part of teaching has always been creating curriculum and making it scenario-based, differentiated, and objective-aligned. I am so thrilled to be diving into the world of instructional design and applying my passion to educating adults. I feel motivated and inspired to take on a new role as an instructional designer, and I am so grateful that you have visited my website today to learn more about me and my story!